Recap Year 2017

Year 2018, I am 25 years old. Quarter of my life.

Writing this post to recap on what I’ve done in year 2017.


Year of 2017 


When I was still working with my ex-company. Company’s annual warehouse sales is held on every January or before Chinese New Year.



[9-13th] Siam Reap @ Cambodia. We actually rent a bicycle to Angkor Wat to catch the sunset. (You can actually bought the next day ticket after 5PM from the counter then you will be allow to enter on today) We used all our energy to reach to the entrance but sadly it does not allow for queuing after 6PM. And  I tried exotic food (spider, snake & scorpion) turned up the next morning my eyes was swollen.




[5th] Sungai Lembing Rainbow Waterfall. Every trip needs a planner otherwise the trip will be cancel. Rainbow waterfall is an incredible place. You can only see the rainbow at the waterfall everyday on specific hours.



[2th] Survival Camp. FREE COURSE! Knowledge sharing by the expertise about the survival and camping skills in the jungle.

[22th] House Dinner at Ck’s Apartment. Thanks for the host! I miss the dishes, Cocktail = vodka+carbonated drinks+apple+orange…







[1-7th] Vientiane, Vang Vieng & Luang Prabang @ Laos. First time on the sleeper bus, first time riding the motorbike, first time doing a cliff jump, trying in the laughing gas….

[21st] Standard Chartered KL Marathon 42KM. Finishing time 5:58:00. It was consider not bad without any training and going into full marathon. But never ever try it that way. LOL.




[8-10th] KRABI trip with colleagues. Second to Krabi yet it is still fun. Glad to have them with me. We are more like friends than colleagues.

[17-18th] Mossy Forest Hike. It was a good hike indeed. Cooling weather & eye catching landscapes are definitely worth for a visit. Unfortunately, it was started to rain in the evening, we were not in well prepared. We last minuted booked a homestay instead of going back to the campsite to get the hot shower.

[23rd] Movie Invitation by Event Organiser & witness a proposal. <3

[25th] Pinetree Trail Hike.




[30th] Volunteer Toilet Build @ Batang Kali.



[1-2nd] Outstation for work in Melaka. Nothing much special. Just that I have  something that I would like to remind myself on this day.

[15-31st] Ex-company was the SEAGAME appointed merchandiser. In this month all of the staff are busying with Seagame merchandising booth. I was handling for Sunway Pyramid Booth and then follow by Bukit Jalil main booth. It was busy days but I’ve enjoy for the experiences.



[8th] Resigned from work. I loved the brand and I am enjoyed the work. But it’s time to move on.

[9-12th] Mount Bromo & Ijen @Indonesia. Annual Hiking Trip 🙂

[13-17th] Family Trip – Hong Kong & Macau. If there are elderly to visit these country as it required a lot of walking (riding a taxi is expensive there). Was wanted to do Bungy Jump in Macau Tower, but hmm I was afraid HAHAHA

[19-22th] Sarawak Business Trip. As a Malaysian, that is my first time been to Miri, Bintulu & Kuching in Sarawak.



[1st] Change of career. Back in family business.

If you wondering what my family do. Here is the summary HAHA. We are the manufacturer for air freshener, car care and some household products (moth balls). IF YOU HAVE ANY BUSINESS, CONTACT ME OKAY? We can do private label manufacturing for you =D

[14th] Volunteer work – SewXDignity @ Sentul.



[26th] BULLSHIT Girls Penang Trip // Penang Bridge International Marathon. Joined for 21KM category with finishing time 2:58:00. I was running alone this round all along the route. Kinda lonely. First 10KM was doing good, managed to done by 1:15:00; then comes to a down slopes because losing the motivation to continue running. It was surprising that I felt good with this distance running.



[23th] Guess what? I’ve finally went to night club for the first time in my 24 years of life! LOL! I swear. The experience was embarrassing yet a memorable and fun. I was thought that ZOUK has a big hall which has a big dance floor but actually not. LOL. It is separated into a few rooms. Each rooms play the different theme of music. Our party starts at 12am and we left at 4am. I was drunk & vomit when I am resting in the roof top floor. Thank you for my friends who take care of me and sent me home! <3

[25-29th] Ho Chi Minh @ Vietnam. Small small world. Meet Mr Ho & his students and we were taking the same flight! Supposed to bump into a friend’s SOLO trip, to avoid any misunderstanding, SO it became my second SOLO trip after Japan in year 2016. Joined with the free walking city tour, motor city tour, Cu Chi tunnel, Chinatown, night market, cafe apartment and etc. Overall it was a good experience, but suggest to shorten the period staying in HCMC.

[31st] Countdown party at Majestic Hotel with the BULLSHIT Girls!



Will share my new year resolution in the next post. Love.

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